Bodies of Water I Guess We'll Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guess Lyrics

Dear when i touch your face (ahhh ahhh)
I can no longer hear (ahhh ahhh)
The sound of a million hearts
beating together as one

And when the night is done (ahhh ahhh)
And when the dawn has come (ahhh ahhh)
I will take the daylight on
My cheeks will dry off in the sun

Though my heart once was broke it's been mended
And the sting of the fracture has ended
But still the sound of the hearts that are breaking
and boots that are knocking pervades

Before the day that i first touched your face
or the roar of these things filled my ears
Then i embraced you and we (?)
to just hear our breath as we breathe

Up till that day i would hear them
And the sound as they broke, it was fearsome
that was until your arms opened up wide and the treasure therein was made mine

There is a noise that is taking the place in the hollow of my inner ear
It is a whole that's the sum of its parts, a white noise sure as the sun

Now that I've found you dear
The light has lost to me you see
And now that I've touched your face
The noise strays from memory
I guess I'll forget the sound, I guess, I guess
My cheeks will dry off in the sun, the sun

I guess we'll forget the sound, I guess, I guess (x7)

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