Rick Wakeman Africa East Lyrics

I hear lots of voices
And they tell me I've got choices
But for some it's still a game
The people I've seen looking at me
From a scream
God loves them as his children
And I think I feel the same

There's no magic potion
That can set this world in motion
And I feel I know the people
But I don't know their names
It's easy to fashion
Understanding and compassion
But we haven't got their pain

If only we knew them
Then it might explain the reason
Why we seem to block the picture
But it never goes away
If only I could help
Then I would help
And I should help
But distance blurs my vision
And it's all so far away

I hear people preaching
But it doesn't help the teaching
If we never, ever listen
So it's harder to explain
But somebody loves them
Even though he's far above them
And I think I feel the same

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