Budgie Dead Men Dont Talk Lyrics

Dead men don't talk...

I can see that you don't give a d___
Your big sneer because of who I am
You've got me down with your master plan

I guess you're scared if I "spill them beans"
You don't know what love means
You're more concerned about designer jeans

Unite tonight and say I'm right
Dead men don't talk
Unite tonight you know I'm right
Dead men don't talk

Tried the water with the tip of my toes
So sad had to blow my nose
Too hot, that's the way it goes

Don't worry about the knock on the door
Can't talk cos I'm on that floor
Ain't going to be a threat no more

Don't care if you crush my thumbs
Or use my head like a kettledrum
You're good ways are going to stay undone

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