Fat Joe ft. jadakiss remy martin my lifestyle rmx Lyrics

Double R baby, D Block
Joe Crack this is history

Who got the most cars, most guns, most b____es
And I don't gotta pull the trigga I just blow kisses
n____z love Jada that hate rap
Upstate tryin to get they weight back
Bout to go to k-sack
Cause I made n____z believers
My voice my flow that helped your f__got a__ get in the league
And I ain't gotta suck d___ to sell records
get all outta caracter and scream and yell reckless
Listen to me; I'm the cat that'll sit in a tree
And shoot the dog in the head while he s___tin and pee
And I'm just so cool; I prally could s_____ Trini
from Usher in a club in Atlanta wit no jewels
You always was puss you never was hard
You know who it is Ruff Ryders and Terror-the-squad
And make sure you remember this
My lifestyle remix; 'Kiss, Joe Cracks and Remi-nisce

Y'all wanna live my lifestyle
Never seen a brick never seen a crack house
Wanna war with the Don have your macs out
Bring it on and I'ma show you gangsta

[Fat Joe]
Hoddie down wit the mac
Boggie down where it's at
f___ around hear the sounds of these gats
Wanna clown? we react (come on) f___ dat
Don't you know what you do when you fool wit Joey Crack
I'm still the realest y'all just pretend that you
Claim to do s___ that we don't remember
Always thinkin that you running the streets
Now I'ma leave you leakin under a sheet(what)
f___in with Joe Crack is costly
No gat can off me
They learned that when I sold lacks at 4th street
A few dudes crippleanother 2 vegi
Its more than obvious this terrorsquad crew deadly
What could we do to stop it?
everything new he cop it
convertable blue 6 before you knew they drop it
And even if they didn't wellyou would just a__ume he choped it
My lifestyle the s___ man it's truly poppin

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[Remi Martin]
yea yea yea
I catch you backstatge you already know whats gon happening
Ain't gon be no applaud just a whole lotta clappin
You can't live my lifestyle lemme catch yor a__ rappin
First b____ to spit a verse first b____ that I'm slappin
Tell me how these clowns gon laugh at me
When I'm flyin pass the a__ pushin a pourch to it's capacity
you see me where ever joey crack be
pretty have n____z sick like oh s___ thas remi ?
Yup Straight gangsta (what) straight music
all that hype about your album and it ain't even do s___
You might have a gun but you sure don't use it
And if givin the opurtunity you prally wouldn't even shoot it
I'm the b____ in this rap s___ so f___ all you wack chicks
I'm directin this movie and your just an actress
They wanna what?

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

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