Thompson Twins Future Days Lyrics

Here's to future days (oh future days)
Here's to future days (oh oh)
(repeat chorus x 3)
I'm sick and tired of repeating history
Of waving flags that don't mean much to me
Black versus white, women versus men
The power of the dollar and the price of yen
I'm sick and tired of payaing for the sins
Of fathers and the mothers and the pushers and the shovers
But most of all the lord about us
Who made this stupid mess we're in
(repeat chorus)
We have a vision of a better time
Where we all live in grace and pride
And everyone will have their say
And know they're part of the future way
We have a dream of heaven on earth
Where we all work together and know our worth
Where joy and laughter and love and affection
Will keep us movin' in the right direction
(chorus x 5 to fade)

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