Hangar 18 Take No Chances Lyrics

check, check
check check
check one and a two (two.. two.. two..)

this is... this is.. this is..

ya simply (gotta gotta gotta gotta..)
this is the most honest the hangar's ever gonna get.
you Gotta
hangar 18 experience
ya simply (gotta gotta gotta gotta..)
hangar 18 experience
c'mon now

I can't take no chances
I can't fake no answers
To questions givin sievin nectar slippin seats so slanted
It's all so crooked look it looks upon the chess board dancin
Maybe my season of release has come and see me playin this
I'm plottin opera singin stop the swinging on these branches
You f___in monkeys think you squirrels you know we're nuts bananas
You see my dreams they seem to gleam and glimmer +freeze and lanterns+
I can't believe these puzzle pieces have these +streetsly standards+
I clap for trees that sway in breezes +whistlers, where's those antlers+
They be like glancin with the patience of some prayin mantis
Those sink the subtle blow the bubble and we paint Atlantis
I grab my fan brush make my fans hush with my daily chantin
Whassup with me, whassup with you, whassup with supple banter
Whassup with couples laughing kings and queens we are the champions
Champaign glasses saw those booze and heart-shape bubble bassets
Too much to handle think the candle flick a sappy passion
But every happy got me thinkin back to prior sadness
My college roomate's mother passed three years way back from cancer
Invisible tears they trickled on his face he looked like phantoms
But I could fathom that 'cause ten years back my dad was that one
I wish that she knew that I was teachin college grad and Latin
Playin chess and caressin flesh upon some sultry satin
My words elixirs mix with sutures but his heart attacked him
I switched the b____ enriched the gift and started havin +mappin+
Life has sorta s___ted on this ship where is the captain?
I got the coolest friends in every town we go out laughin
The next day grabbin aspirins hangar's over beat the caption
It's much bigger than this.. so I can't take no chances

Chances I take gettin lost is an offer
the source is a awkward loss is a source
Of a chance not taken and the prophet is false
cause the answer is fake you ignore all the forks
Keep all the phases of life in the pages
will burn bright churn right into the liquids
Take all your visionary kids big thug war tactics
mix and you be the witness (WHAT!)

ya simply (gotta gotta gotta gotta..)
ya simply (gotta gotta gotta gotta..)
Gotta gotta gotta
c'mon now

youuuuu youuu youuuu

I can't take no losses
No stalemates or forfeits
I made a choice to raise my voice towards all the hate that haunts us
They poltergeist I hold the mic no need for praise or worship
I only phrase my thoughts in ways that ought to paint a portrait
Sometimes it's fun sometimes it's NOT but I can't fake or force it
Sometimes my soul is freezing cold this world can make it frostbit
It wont defrost and it wont thaw because they feed me torture
My greedy boss it needs the sause man I can't bare these crosses [erruh!]
Sometimes I think I'm gonna snap because I'm trapped by forces
That want to rip me piece by piece like horses drawn and quartered
This f___ing courtship has me cautious cause I'm feeling cornered
I got these bills I got this debt I'm like two steps from pauper
It makes me nauseous thinkin thoughts like this I can't ignore dem
I gotta bite and scrape and might escape a fate of boredom
That's why my eyes on the horizon trying to save a portion
Of every paycheck in your tape deck is our next recordin
Before you know it every show it's hangar 18 tourin
We'll live our dreams and hear the screams of all our fans adorin
And find a wife and build a life and have a son and daughter
And once I'm there I swear I won't care if I see my coffin
Not on some death wish just expressive when you hear me talkin
So when the pressure gets aggressive trying to change my courses
These goals for livin leave me driven like precision Porches
So to success, no time to rest, cause I can't take no losses


9 22 1996
9 22 1996
9 22 1996 Youuuuu c'mon now c'mon now c'mon now
9 22 1996 Gotta Gotta gotta
9 22 1996
9 22 1996


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