Seatrain Outwear The Hills Lyrics

Out where the hills roll down to where the sea rolls in,
I stood alone, apart on the sand.
Down along the riverbank, you came up with waterbuckets
Overflowing in your hand.
The dance begins. Sunset is done.
Some gather wood for the fire.
A carpenter hangs rusty tools in a bare tree.
Silverfish lie by my feet in the sand as the tide comes in.

Sidewalks run blood!
Fear changes hands.
A human flood
In the land where the streets are the home of the brave.
The white knight, the black sun, the children of shadow,
I hear them outside
As I lean like a fist on the windowsill

Love, I want you near me,
Need you not to leave.
I can hear you breathing.
The wind is in the trees.

The Chalice is held
By a new child.
Four rivers spill to the sea.
A strange bird alights in the branch of a pear tree.

Love, I need you near me,
Want you not to leave.
Can you hear me breathing?
The winds are in the tree.

Forevermore, forevermore forevermore,
Forevermore, forevermore.

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