Ruff Ryders vs Snoop Dogg, Scarface and Jadakiss WW III Lyrics

<whispering>Ruff Ryders (ruff ryders)
Ryde or die, volume 2

It's over...
(laughing)It's the second time around m_____fucker (yeah)
Volume 2, ryde or die, b____
Gangsta n____
And we gonna rock this m_________er, you dig me (for sure baby)
We done square rooted the m_________ing streets (for sure baby)
Double R, you c___ sucking sons of b____es (yeah)

State your name gangsta
Big Snoop dogg (bow wow)
Who ya representin
West coast
You gonna hold it down
Please believe n____
Enough said then n____

Let's make this official
Shine your boots and load your pistols
Pull out your best crudentials
Cuz this'll, be the official for the fake tissue
Doggy dogg and big Swizz'll, n____ blow the whistle
Smoke it on some bomb beat and second hand smoke will get ya, hit ya
And make ya all get the picture
Dig this, when was the last time you seen me
Posted up, west coasted up and sippin on some green meat
Believe me, it ain't easy being D'zy
With these jealous rap n____s and these punk a__ freezies (f___ em)
Man, I couldn't remember what they told me
When I first came in the game, but things done changed
Call it what you want it, keep the heat up on it
Eastside California, spinnin like a 'tona
Banging on the corner, like a 'sona
It be best to back up off a boy and put this up on ya

State your name youngster
Yung Wun
Where you representing
A-T-L, shorty
You gonna hold it down
d___ right
Well, enough said then
It's up, man n____ tell ya something

Shorty pop a lot, acting like he got a lot
With all that fake ice on his watch, this n____ wanna get got
Coming to my city with all that hot s___ and his fake a__ cliq
I'm gonna put something in him, bust his wig, I'm on some thugged out s___
He better be strapped boy, how ya like that boy
Hey boy, I'm gonna break your back boy, with a bat boy
Where ya at boy, hold up, I'm cold hearted
d___ right, I get r_____ed
I'm a young one, and down here, b____ I'm the hardest
Shoot the shoot, hide and talk that s___
I'm gonna stay low, keep it real and show then come up
But when I bite, you gonna feel that there, it's real down here
Watch your mouth boy, you might get killed down here
I'm a ryde or die n____, I'll put something in your eye n____
Get beside them here, it's fly bye n____
When it come to glock c___ing and drop popping
I'm the first to hit the black and go to war with the cops, f___ n____

State your name gangsta
Where your representing
My m_________ing self
You gonna hold it down
You god d___ right
Enough said then n____

Hi-ho Scarface and Dogg whippin this streets against the law
Bringing terror with this beretta, I clutch in my paw
I'm scared m_________ers, scrape with mine
You will attack, that's what you get, my enemies die
It's a worldwide story, for all soldiers
Even if Ruff Ryders ryde ruff or roll over
It's a stickup, said down on your knees cuz I'm sick-up
If disrespected, you don't disrespect me n____
I'm the one these n____s call on
When they go to cases are halted and the time come for beatin up the bosses
Make them an offer they can't refuse
They don't comply, when I walk out they stack these fools
I guess these n____s think they can't be moved
Realized it those dead n____s like they think they do
You f___ with me I gots to f___ with you
World war three, m_________er, I thought you knew

State your name gangsta
Jadakiss n____
Where you representing
East coast dog
You gonna hold it down
Why wouldn't I
Enough said then n____

Let's go
If you f___ing with the kiss, you ain't gonna breathe
The only time I lick in the air is new years eve
Sonny from Bronxdale you can't leave
Get kissed on your cheek then your meant to die
Cuz when the gun start poppin and my temperature rise
You know my style, twenty n____s with forty cals
Nine years ago you was hollering when shorty wild
Now I'm in the rap game twisting these honies out
Never left the crack game, still on the money route
I run through the industry looking for enemies
Y'all n____s sound sick and Jada the remedy
Get shot in your eyes and your mouth
Can't see can't talk when you f___in with the heart of New York
And that's foulin then swallow the pulp
And then f___ with the feds dog, you know I push the prowler they caught
Toast on my lap, got the east coast on my back

How many times must I tell you m_________ers (yeah)
We ain't in-du-stry n____s, we in-the-streets n____s
Ruff Ryders forever, now what
(chorus:) Ryde or die, you talk it, we live it
So ryde or die, you want it, we give it
So ryde or die, you start it, we end it
So ryde or die, you talk it, we live it
(repeat chorus)(hollering then fade to end)

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