Rez Band Shadows Lyrics

In the words of his mama,
"He was my only son."
In the words of his sister,
"He was on the run."
In the words of his girl,
"How could it end this way?"
In the words of his daddy,
"Well he never had much to say."

Goodbye Kathy and goodbye Mom,
There's voices in my head
Angel dust and tortured dreams
Say I'd be better dead

You, you chased the shadows
Because your hopes and dreams
Have been lost to the night

Hey, Billy, did you hear the news?
Johnny's gone for good
They say his mama's all broke up
They found him in the woods
Kathy just couldn't understand
Sheriff, he just looked tired
Some will play and some will pay
And Johnny played with fire


Johnny's dead and buried now
Out on the edge of town
Drove by his grave the other day,
That's when the fear came down
I hate the night that
Took his life,
But now it's haunting me
I may be young, may be confused
But I gotta be free

God, are You there, can You hear me now?
Show me how to hope
Lost in the dark on a dead end road, please save me from myself

Lord, You, You took the shadows - all my fears and doubt and brought me out of the night
Lord, You , You take the shadows - give me hope and love and turn my darkness to lig

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