Rez Band You Get What You Choose Lyrics

Where have we been and where are we goin'
And who really cares?
A trip to the moon, a tryst in the desert
We fall down the stairs

Somebody wins, and somebody loses
It's up to you
Someone's fool and someone is a fighter
You get what you choose

Moses to Paul, Samson to Delilah
It's all the same
You sell out or you put out
And it ain't no game
Scars on our hearts and mud on our faces
On network tv
A passion for success, a love affair with money
It's time to get on our knees

All the talk in the world
It don't mean nothin'
Even when inventions are good
God send His Son to make us be honest
Not just to make us feel good
Nothin' is worse than a self-centered liar
And sometimes that's me and you
But for everyone involved we gotta change
That the world can know He is the Truth

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