Untoten Why do Bats fall in Love Lyrics

Tell me why do bats sink everytime into a big
sleeping so sweet like mine
it's hurting me like a prayer in mouth and ears
seeking death and shall not find it here
and when the first bat came she's calling me
I shall desire to sleep but the sleepshall flee
and then the full moon appears under my own head
I felt just like me could walk in our death
are u still loving mysteries
and the look of blasphemie
are u still halfway down to earth
I think I stay here till we fall asleep
my head is so full with your cool mysteries
the carnak rhytm makes my cold blood go warm
the rustling of my wings shelters me from harm the sound of little dreams grew inside my head
my deadly wounds are helled with the blood of bats
are u still undead yeah?
do u still yearn for my blood?
are u still just one kiss away kiss away
I think I'm gonna dance my pain away
the blaoue of rhytm pushes me my whole day
this bat beats everthing inches night
her art is dedicated to the carnal light

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