Kelly Minter Wrestling the Angels Lyrics

This is what I'm thinking,
I'm a little out of step,
My spirit's leaning right,
But the living keeps on pulling to the left.

I'm thoroughly conflicted,
Got a pebble in my shoe,
I wanna have it my way,
But I wanna come out looking more like You.

I'm wrestling the angels,
and maybe I won't win.
But if this is how the blessings flow than count me in. I'm falling on Your mercy,
I am losing to gain.
Walking with the evidence of change,
Walking with the evidence of change.

This is how I'm moving,
It's a limp that's all my own.
It's the journey of becoming, And on it I am sure I'm not alone.


Change that makes a diamond out of coal.
Change that makes Your glory shine through these holes. I'm wrestling..... I'm wrestling


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