Scarface Do What You Do Lyrics

(feat. Bushwick Bill, K.B. & B-Legit)

I flip, make hits, and stick like peanut b___er
Five g's to the homie my money he didn't stutter
The gutter with the gats, f___ that, we need the lucho
It ain't no in between such things as being neutral
We shoot y'all, answering to me if it's needed
Catch you in the bucket and f___ it we gon feed it
We bleed it, A-K spray and nine milla
You f___in with a killa for scrilla
Money wanna deala
Peel 'em from the back and fact, you're a__ out
Throw you in the trunk, we b__p and mash out
We blast out and get the f___ outta dodge
And leave your body corpse parked at the Travellodge
You can't reason with a fool with guns and no brains
Thrown off your balcony get stoned and let's remain
We stressed main, paper come up short
Plus this b____ with my baby tryin to take me to court
I need a new quarter, plus my screws is loose
Makin n____s wanna pour s___ down like orange juice
I one two, and slap the f___ outta you
So go on about my business b____, and do what you do
You like to run s___
Do what you do
You f___ with powder b____?
Hey yo, do what you do
You turn d___ too
Yeah, do what you do
But if it's f___ me b____, then it's f___ you too
If you build a heist
Yo, do what you do
You like to talk the vice?
Do what you do
Speakin on my crew
n____, do what you do
But if it's f___ me b____, then it's f___ you too

[Bushwick Bill]
Me and two freaks in B-Legit's back seat
I got clunkers, cuz you know big Chuck like em plump
Sippin hurricane b__pin slurricane cuz it thumps
In my trunk my pistol grip pump at all times
Kryptonite got me blowed cuz I hit it five times
I got condom on my d___, but my mind is on scrilla
b____es just respect this n____ Chuck and I'ma killa
Me and my n____, four hoes, weed, and liquor
Headed to the boat to freak these b____es on the river
And since I'm from the south these hoes showin me love
And B is from the west, he really don't give a f___
Twenty minutes later, all hell broke loose
b____es suckin d___ and lickin up nut juice
One b____ said she like to eat p____ too
She looked at me, I said s___, b____, do what you do
b____ you like suckin d___?
Do what you do
Homie, you like to eat p____?
Do what you do
n____ you like bein broke?
Do what you do
b____ you wanna f___ me, I wanna f___ you too
n____ you like stealin cars?
Do what you do
n____ you like bein 'hind bars?
Do what you do
n____ you don't give a f___ about s___?
Do what you do
n____ it's f___ Bushwick, well f___ you too

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