Insision Trapped Within Lyrics

Blurry, he's eyes are failing him.
Fury, he cannot move.
Horror, as he know they are tricking him,
trapping him, strapping him down.

Sane? Blasphemy?
I see the true ones.
My screams are useless,
my strength is failing...

I know I'm right,
you say I'm wrong.
-There are no hallucinations!

Forced medication
trapped his only way out.
Drugged to sanity.

Locked up.
Put away.
In total isolation.
His mind
went astray.
Kept away from the true dimension.

Trapped within

Four walls, shock treatment
they thought he was restrained.
Dazed mind and badly beaten
He searched his way out...

On the road in front of the house
a car stopped
out stepped nurse Mary and father Mclair

(In her hand my journal)

-He's deranged, insane! He sees these things?!
-The boy needs salvation, Gods help!

Struggling to move straight
He saw this light
-I must end this torture,
I'm coming father!

Out from the window of the fourth floor
came a projectile made of flesh
a bolt of bone, embraced, deranged
Forced to death by others...

[Lyric by: Birath]

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