Jaheem You can have anything Lyrics

verse 1:

Now baby i don't wanna be fictitious,
saying i can get you anything is ridiculous
but anything you ask
thats anywhere in my grasp, its yours
now i don't got fancy cars or diamond rings
lord nows i will if i make it with this singing thing
hold on , have faith in me
cause anything i have is yours


you can have anything i've got
all of me right on the spot
da da da da da da da
da da da da da
you can have anything i own
work my finger all the way to the bone
da da da da da da da
da da da da da

verse 2:

girl i know you want a rolls or lexus
rolexes with a mansion down in texes
its more like apartment range
cellular is prepaid
but baby its all ok
i can't do all the things i wanna do
but i can love you and i can stay true
i'll give you my last dime
spend all my time
it's your whatever is mine, anything you want

verse 3:

now i don't have no LS to drive
but i'm a man with a whole lot of plans and alot of love inside
just beleive and pray hold on to me and say you'll stay
i can't handle you leaving me
just dream, dream with jaheim
i'll work over time anytime
just to give you peice of mind
please just beleive, everything and anything
all of me, baby, baby, baby, baby
baby you can have....


baby girl when times get ruff you can call...

anything i own...

i'll work my finger to the bone....


you can have anything..

anything you want anything you need anything i have baby girl just ask..

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