Mary J. Blige Mary j. Blige - Missing You Lyrics

Im not in love
Its just some kind of thing Im goin thru
Goin thru, goin thru
And its not infatuation
Aint nothin goin on between me and you
Me and you, me and you
But I dream about it every night, baby
Wantin you here with me
Makin love to me
And oh...

Im missin you like crazy
Body and soul is achin
Im out of control
Missing you so

Im missing you
Missing you
Im missing you
Missing you
Im missing you

Im not in love, oh no no no
And thats what I just keep tellin myself
Over and over again
And Im not the least bit amused by it baby
Yet still I dont wanna be with nobody else
No no no
And I dream about you all the time
Touchin and kissin me
And makin love to me
And oh...


God knows Im tryin to keep you out of my head
I aint tryin to love no one
I aint tryin to get hurt again, no
But theres something that gets under my skin
And all I know is I cant let go
And thats the way it is


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