Trace Spencer Still In My Heart Lyrics

oh, I just want you to know
No matter where you go
It doesn't matter cuz you're still in my heart

Thinkin of you brings tears to my eyes
Seems yesterday we were planning our lives
I'm so confused
Wonderin why, how could you leave without sayin' goodbye?
Picture your smile inside of my head
Still smell your cologne all over my bed
Miss you so much
I pray every night
That the Angels are watching and treating you right


I sing to myself
So nobody hears
Theres just no escaping the sounds of my tears
Miss you so much
And every night
I cant get to sleep it aint right
Memories keep holding me down
Theres just no fun when your not around
Dont know what to do
Now I'm faced with the truth
Somehow Ithought that we would always be...
repeat chorus 2x

your still in my heart 3x
it doesn't matter cuz your still in my heart
chorus (repeat til fade)

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