Dolorian Raja Naga - Rising Lyrics

Inhale, waken, exhale, escape,
Upwards, higher -
follow the cosmic horns towards zenith,
Ascend, along the sacred centers,
The whirling discs of energy, follow the solar path,
The path of fire, penetrate and absorb,
Reach the fire which burns not -
To hunger nothing, but the absolute, invoke the north, Invoke the heights, fire from above, falling fire,
Red as blood, heart, cosmic fire, coiled serpent, Purification, regeneration, downwards, deeper -
Follow the roots towards Nadir, descent,
Along the sacred centers, the dynamic centers,
Follow the lunar path - bath in silver, trail of bones - Fluidity of forms, spirit-water - water-wheel,
Breaking the barriers of the two-eyes

To hunger nothing but the absolute,
Invoke the south, invoke the depths,
Now encircled by all the awakened beings,
Enter, into a new circle of absolute being,
Eradicate and reform the internal Mandala,
To not journey is to decay,
Now here, now there, not there, not here,
Ascension towards the eternal,
Inhale, abase, exhale, exalt.

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