Pham Quynh Anh Cang Xa Cang Nho Eng Lyrics

My dreams about you seem to keep on haunting me, you're coming back with all the sweetest memories.
They make me wanna cry , I miss you by my side, and still you're not real. I'm wondering why.
Another sleepless night without you inside my mind, I know there'll be away to you I have to find.
Oh baby can you see? my love and my will
To go to a loving place where we belong.


Oh darling don't you know I've been waiting here,
Each day by day goes by, I hold my tears with me
Spring,summer fall have gone, now those winters come,
My heart is still warm.
I pray up to the sky where do I belong?
And wherever you are, I hope you hear this song,
And hear my soul calling, for you my darling,
My love is waiting.

Now baby, could you hear, my heart is calling you from here, come back to me!

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