Pride Runs Deep Rebuilding the broken foundation Lyrics

Thought this scene was dead
But the spirit remained
All the new and old friends
Stayed true, and believed in this scene
Now we'll build this scene back up
And create a whole new crew
Put hardcore back on the map
With all the kids, and all the bands

We can't be defeated, if we stay, true to this
Believe in this scene
And stick together
Every end, a new beginning
Let this be our revival
And rebuild
What once was broken

Thought this scene was dead

Overcome and remain
Work together for this beautiful thing
Be proud of what we are
Let the outside judge, what they don't know
Laugh back at them in their face
We know better, and strife for the scene
One scene, keep it pure
We are doing this, from the heart

Thought this scene was dead

Improve what once was destroyed
Rebuild this foundation

Thought this scene was dead

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