The Sun Eats Hours Dull Minds Lyrics

My mind doesn't realize it yet
This state of anxiety permeates
Every single second of my days
Yeah it's all the same

What I am but what I would be,
What I want but what I feel's right,
What I should... but what I do?
What I would... but what I could?
I'm drowning in my thoughts
But I'd choke more without 'em

What do I want from me?
What do I want from my life?
What do I want from the future?
And for my neighbours?
Why Am I acting here, in this theatrical scene?
The Answers will be given only if I'll resist

I see the mediocrity expand
The dull silence in their eyes
Lost dreams, dead hearts, and desperate days
This flock p___ed on their lives with no shame
Reflecting the indifference handed down
A generation's calling outside this theatrical scene

What I want now is what I do and what I should is what I would

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