Jim Reeves Jim Reeves - Dissatisfied Lyrics

Lord, I never will forget the day I was born
Started into bawlin' all night long
Dissatified, dissatisfied
Lord, I was dissatisfied.

Well, they started me to school the first day out
Me and the teacher had a ten round bout
I was dissatisfied.

I went out a-courtin' didn't mean no harm
The old man caught me with his gal in my arms
Lord, I was dissatisfied.

I had to marry that gal, take her for my wife
Had to cloth and feed her all the rest of her life
Lord, I was dissatisfied.

Lord, I was a bully, painted up the town
They had me in jail before the sun went down
Lord, I was dissatisfied.

Dissatisfied about everthing I done
Till I saw my gal coming, Lord I had a lot of fun
Now I'm satisfied
At last I'm satisfied...

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