Christopher You're so Sexual Lyrics

My world on your tongue
Eyes wide open
Faces flushed I feel a touch

Feel us fall
Feel us fall
One and all
Come One Come All

It all starts with someone getting in you
You got the fire and now you're left for dead
The slide of your hands brings little consolation
Your dirty little mind's got you crawling back to bed

Do you want a machine or a saviour?
Not a flavour that washes away
Nothing like your precious little favours

Call me the bringer of decadence
Love is selective obedience
So, Beg, beg beg and I'll be grateful

Easy, easy
Shake your body free

Remember the times my arms opened wide I felt your body sing
I love the things that you do for a little suffering
Fall to your knees, and you pray to the floor
Your sacrament turns into sweat

And you won't forget, no you won't forget

Oh No, here we come and go
You're so s__ual you gotta shake your body free
Oh No, here we come again
You're so s__ual you gotta shake your body free

You fall
Into my arms

Paint your paint your picture
Touch your weary face
I feel your body shake

Oh, you feel
You wanna touch
You wanna kill
You wanna f.....

I need you now
I want you now

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