[Live]BoA listen to my heart Lyrics

Ooh baby what can you see in your eyes
Acoross an advanse wind yeah
What imagine at the sky?
What do you do you want?do you need?

Oh baby when we're sad, we're bad
I phoned to you midnight call yeah
But I know it's never change
Yes,every loneliness is never die

Never say ever say never ever say
Whenever time has gone
We found the many things
Every night everynight never ever say
The heart is never end,never ever never end

Listen to my heart looking for your dream
Happy shining place woe that you want
Baby are you free?baby are you sad?
Do you wanna have me living whith you?

Listen to my heart looking for your dream
Now we stand admid contrary wind
I believe you now
You can work it out
Dreams come true

Woe baby it's just the same after all
It's no use crying over spilt milk
This word is a commonplace
But now L say to say to you

Oh baby no I can't say fall in love
Because it is heavy heart for me
But I wanna gaze at you

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