Hustle & Flow Man Ain't Like a Dog (Skit) Lyrics

See... man ain't like a dog.
And when I say "man,"
I'm talking about man as in mankind,
not man as in men.
Because men, well, we a lot like a dog.
You know, we like to p___ on things.
Sniff a b____ when we can.
Even get a little pink hard-on the way they do.
We territorial as s___,
you know, we gonna protect our own.
But man, he know about death.
Got him a sense of history.
Got religion.
See... a dog, man,
a dog don't know s___ about
no birthdays or Christmas or Easter bunny,
none of that s___.
And one day God gonna come calling,
so you know, they going through life carefree.
But people like you and me,
man, we always guessing.
Wondering, "What if?"
You know what I mean?
So when you say to me,
"Hey, I don't think we should be doing this,"
I gotta say, baby,
I don't think we should be doing this neither,
but we ain't gonna get no move on in this world,
lying around in the sun,
licking our a__ all day.
I mean, we man.
I mean, you a woman and all,
but we man.
So with this said,
you tell me what it is you wanna do with your life.

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