Jennylyn mercado Living the dream Lyrics

I've always dreamed of many things
Like other people do
I look out at the stars at night
For my wish to come true
I held on oh so many times
Whenever things went wrong
I knew then how it was to fail
And how it was to fall

But deep inside my heart i say
I know i could, i'll make it through the day
Because my dreams will all be worth the wait
And even as the world would turn its back again on me
I just go on, believing that the worst would soon be gone

Now i'm living the dream, my wishes all came true
Now i'm living the life with the things i want to do
It was a long and uphill climb
But my heart never gave up
Now i'm living this dream of mine

I've learned that life's not easy
With so many things to do
To get all that i wanted
For wishes to come true
I've had my share of ups and downs
With nowhere else to go
Like running in a circle, or sinking down below
But deep inside i knew my heart
Somehow in the end i'll make it through the rain
Someday my dreams will all be worth the pain
And even when at times the world would turn its back on me
I just went on, believing in the end i cant go wrong

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