Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Xzibit Bitch Please Lyrics

Time to bring your a__ to the table y'all
It's X to the Z, Xzibit
Snoop double G, uh O.G (Westcoast, Los Angeles)
Uh, bring it live, Dr. Dre
Throwin' up a big a__ W
Coverin' up the world, right
Yeah, listen, look

[Verse 1:]
You ain't try to high box with me
I'm swing hard liquor
Goin' down by the second round
All for the underground
Hideout sound
Xzibit mackin' down for my conflict
f___ the nonsense, terrorist
Hit a bomb s___
Blast with metal in every direction
Innocent bystanders taught a very hard lesson
I'm the reason there's no time to reach for that weapon
And reason why n____s promise keep on steppin'
Xzibit ready to scrap
Like Mike Tyson with his license back
9 to 5, minimum wage
What type of lights is that for me
It not for me
You f___in' round with the Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy
You outta your destiny
You don't wanna tango with the X,
strangle your neck
slap like the opposite s__
Drunk drivin' tryin' to stack my loot
While other rappers gettin' treated like a prostitute
So check the sound scale

[Snoop Dogg]
All I wanna be was a G, ha
My poor guide, n____ please, ha
Breakin' on these m_________in' keys, ha
Let's get these m_________in' G's, ha
Bet you don't wanna f___ with this

[Verse 2:]
[Snoop Dogg]
Oh no, big Snoop Dogg
Back up in the heazy baby
You jockin' my style
You so crazy
Dre said, Ain't No Limit to this
As long as we drop gangsta s___
Look here b____
You fine and I dig your style
Come f___ with a n____
Do it Doggystyle
I'll be gentile, sentimental
s___, we f___ed in a rental
Lincoln Continental
Um, coast to coast
L.A. to Chicago
I get this p____ everywhere that I go
(Yeah n____ you know what's happenin' man)
X-ing b____es and your click can't say no
(These b____es know what time it is)
I get this p____ everywhere that I go
(Yeah, oh, a story bout a n____ like me)
X-ing b____es and your click can't say no
(I'ma hip these hoes, n____)

b____ please
Get down on your g______ knees
For this money, chronic, blow that weed
You f___in' with some real O.G's
b____ please
b____ please
Get down on your m_________in' knees
We came to get the m_________in' G's
Yeah, you f___in' with some real O.G's
You d___-tease

[Verse 3:]
[Snoop Dogg]
b____ please
Now what you need to do is
Hand my coat
And roll me some dough in
Different strokes,
for different folks
Oh, you like settin' n____s up and gettin' them loc's
Oh, cute lil' b____ with a whole lot hard
s___ get thick when the lights get dark
She said she got some lick for me
Worked about 200 G's and 30 keys
Now check this out Dre
Snap if I don't move
Then a n____ like me
s___ I don't lose
But you know me
Dogg I'm movin'
Ain't nothin' to it, but to get the groovin'
You've been waitin' on a n____ like me
To take your chance and ride with men and beat up the p____
A victim off the circumstance
Pass the devil
They always wanna dance
See we grow up with a bang
I'm tryin' to work this cold thing
And take this whole thing
I get the money everywhere that I go
I bust a b____ and take here money fo' sho'
I get the money everywhere that I go
I bust a b____ and take here money fo' sho'

[Nate Dogg x4]
Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo
You don't wanna step to me
Still claimin' DPG
Till the day I D-I-E

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