Brannik Warriors Of Tangra Lyrics

Bulgarians - they are the nation, who get everything they want to get! Nation in where the people buy their pride with the blood of the enemies! Nation, in which the battlefield glorify the family, because in their rows the better man is the man with more enemy blood on the weapon!

I look far behind in the past,
in centuries covered with fog.
I see one glorious nation,
with heroic and merciless fate!

They are borned from the gust of wind,
with fire in the veins and hearts.
They solve all the bad situations
and survive on the Earth!

We swear in the Bulgarian name andthe warrior Tangra!
To crush the enemy or to die:
this will be our award!

Brave and raw warriors,
are riding horses in the steepe,
they didn't saw defeat and escape,
they dispise and search the death!

At first plce they put the pride,
and they fight in battle 'til death,
they horrify their enemys,
and they will walk through him like hurricane!


They are walking in the rough land,
some of them fly to the sky,
the stars light their road in the night
and the brave is burning in their hearts!

The desandenfs remain us to keep,
the lees of our ancestors,
because this is the way to keep our nation
and Tangra will watch us day and night!


They are people that never met enemy who they cant defeat. They was not affraid from the big mountains and the rivers in front. Who want to stand in front of enemy which eat and survive from their future animals?

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