Pussycat Amsterdam Lyrics

I loved to be with you, but now I'm leaving
I really did enjoy each single evening
Moments here with you I will remember
Those rainy days that come
Summer love have left my heart enchanted
It's hard to go away before it ended
There's kisses on a mountain
And three coins in a fountain
The time has come that we must say goodbye.


If you ever come to Amsterdam
I'll be waiting there for you
And I'll show you where young lover's go
On a sunny afternoon
Where the summer nights of Amsterdam
Covered flowers at you side
I'll be yours the day we'll meet again
In Amsterdam

I'm calling everyday 'cos when I hear you (when I hear
I'm dreaming of the moment I'll be near you (I'll be
near you)
I've found a four-leafed clover
I'd like to send it over
And maybe there's a time we'll meet one day

Repeat Chorus

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