Needless to Say Moonlight Romance Lyrics

Music in our hearts
Feel it in the ground
s__ is in the air
breathe in with your lungs
Oh no! Our hearts are put in motion.
Our souls, put in tense motion
I can't breath
With these lungs
I can't see
With these eyes, b___erflies
Drowning in your love
No Need to say it. Its already done
Beat by beat our bodies sweat.
We're synchronized in this sonnet.
Our souls, our love, this sweet compassion,
Will wear away in this moment.
Searching for this air.
Find the Words to say.
Breathing for this air.
What's there to say?
Tienes que movirse en este cancion
Porque vas a sufrir de su Corazon
One movement
One body
One heart felt with emotion.

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