David Banner Candyman Lyrics

*** Complimentary Candyman Ringtone ***
Ooohh-oooh, ohhh yeah

[The Pimp]
I'm comin' hard with this killa game
And I'ma make 'em all realize that they about to be broke
Young shawty it's a pimp in the air
And if you really didn't care, what you callin' me for
It's all about the game that I kick
To get inside her head and make her wanna lick on it quick
The silly trick suck it up like a tick
The average playa don't understand what the Pimp be gamin' her with
Don't give a d___ who you claimin' you with
Because I know you in love every time I see yo pretty brown eye contacts
I got you grippin' yo seat
Cause I know you plan to sweat girl every time I see ya smile back
I ain't pretty or nothin'
But still I got enough game to back it all up when I leave
I got another trick up my sleave
I'm killin' 'em softly every time I get 'em down on they knees
I know you want these N-U-T's
Cause I do a lot of shows and you think I got plenty cash
Saw a bunch of girls in the past
So I'm only chillin' with pretty chickens that ? keep a pretty stash
So you know I ain't finna pass
A pretty opportunity to get them girls sprung with the tongue
So tell the freaky trick I'm finna come
So watch me ??
I cut 'em up and let 'em up then I'm gone

I wanna be
I want to be your
I wanna be your Candyman
Girl let me be your Candyman
I wanna be your Candyman
Yeah let me be
I wanna be your Candyman
I'll make you say

[Da Gangsta]
Now it ain't nothin' but the freak in me
To spit this game and make yo broad wanna sleep with me
See I know you wanna creep with me
I got a fifth of that Hennessy and some killa that'll weaken yo knees
Dirty skeez won't you freeze at ease
And drop to the beat
Or better yet won't you lay on yo back
But you need to stop teasin' me
By squeezin' me and just let my finger get to workin' with that
You know the game that I'm kickin' is fat
I met you last night and I already got the game in check
When you heard my words
I struck a b_____ nerve
I see the way I got you jumpin' when I'm kissin' yo neck
Don't be afraid of them playa effects
Silly whoa don't you know that my game got you goin' for broke
So when you choke off that contact smoke
I got that game to break you down and plus a lil' some for yo throat
And when I'm done I'm ready to go
I'm walkin' out yo do'
I leave ya down b___-naked on the flo'
Understand that you messin' with a pro
When this night is over ain't no need for you to call me no mo'
Cause I'm headed to the next show
To get the next whoa to scheme her outta all her dough

Y'all know what I came here fo'
A playa from the South spittin' true thang run 'em low
I wanna be yo Candy-n____

I wanna be your Candyman
I wanna be your Candyman
Let me be your
I wanna be your Candyman
Your Candyman, your candy-licker, your Candyman - Candyman
I wanna be your Candyman
Make you say

[Da Gangsta]
I know you wanna bring yo cheese to me
Is it to keep it steady pleasin' me
That what it seems to be
Now let me tell ya what it means to me
I'll show you what you really need to see
If you come sleep with me

[The Pimp]
Now look here shawty called me up when he leave
I'll come on over beat you down all night to this song
You know the situation so wrong
Me creepin' and sneakin' up in yo house when yo man leave home
But this gator head on bone
You makin' it worse because you babblin' about yo thong
Boostin' me up on the phone
To come on in and creep what I can
And then I dash on
I got yo mind - oooh it's so blown
You know that it's gone
I bend you over headfirst to the floor
Girl I got the keys to yo door
You know you do understand when I lay you down I gotta go
You know what I came here for
So don't be trippin' when I come try to claim you don't know
We finna make a flick trick
So get on yo knees
We gon' call it "Strip Deep Throat 4"
And to all the whoas that don't know
You need to stop teasin' and let a playa just splash in them hips
You need to lick around on the tip
I'm the Candyman so you know I got some sweet for them lips
I wanna be

Your Candyman, your candy-licker, your Candyman
I wanna be your Candyman
I wanna be your
I wanna be your Candyman
Your Candyman, your candy-licker, your Candyman
I wanna be your Candyman
Make you say, make you say, make you say

Lay down on the floor let me hit it from the back
Why you trippin' baby why you actin' like that
I wanna be your Candyman
I wanna be your Candyman
I wanna do things you never felt before
Let me be your Candyman - Candyman

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