Needless to Say The Blank Expression Of A Mannequin Lyrics

Sit up honey, see the horizon
Heart shaped lightning bolts brushed your window
Light bulb fixtures, no match for this scenery
Illuminate these florescent lights
Thunder and lightning on a new day horizon
Quite the predicament were in
Grab the clouds! Grab the moon!
Grab the sun! Grab these jewels from the purple sky
And paint a random picture
Forget your past, forget your future
Bright lights are shining, they'll lead the way
Such beautiful colors for you not to see
Oh faceless martyr, heartless rather
p___ed to self incriminating senseless gesture
What do you see?
Oh god tell me!
Find it in yourself to open up right now!
I see white lights shining through me
Pulsating with every heartbeat
Shining through me, shining through you
Shining through everybody
Now I stand alone, with a still face
Why did I take it for granted?

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