Needless to Say Number Four Lyrics

I followed her eyes into a wall
Her lips, her eyes, so beautiful
And now I'm standing with translucent thoughts
Reminiscing of what we had (another lesson learned)
Oh no, let it go, let it go the moon the stars
If you really loved her so, let it go the moon the stars
Give it away, give it away, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger
Take it in, take it in, but what's worth living if you don't have it now
What was that phrase, what was that meaning?
When two doves unite, but fall from this meaning
From fear in their hearts, to rise above it all
Love! Will tear her away from you
When all that's left is that question
Will you stay? Will you stay here?
Keep it away, from your friends
Keep it away, from yourself
Keep it away, from your hearts
From your salvation now
Move swiftly, with sweetness
Move swiftly with their movement

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