Eleventh Hour Season Ends Lyrics

Verse 1
Is this the end? Unto us now?
Find myself in heaps of ash

This season ends, we thought it won't
Built to last? Won't ever crash?

Pre-chorus 1
At, the brink...I, see it sink!
Why... This game? Cry...Wash it well!

Chorus 1
I see the light, leave me far behind

End this sacred season...drain me of my life!

She bleeds all night! Seethes thru till its light!

Build her shattered palace! Feed her... "False Delight"

Verse 2
She finds in me...inside my shell
Darkened pits, thru countless years

Finds so much less; but not for me
What do you do? When much is dead!

Pre-chorus 2
Stand...belong? Tear spill: forlorn!
Weeping hill...alone? Keeping still: just for one!

Chorus 2
I take to fight! Waning; though my might

"I'm your only savior! Shape your faith to mine!"

"NEVER!" Is their answer! "He must NOT survive!"

Oh they haven't seen my ANGER! "I'll suck their bodies DRY!!"

And this season ends!!

My Reasons: Bend!!

My Reasons: Dead!!

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