Anne Murray Anne Murray - Let's Keep It That Way Lyrics

There's no need to lie
Without me half trying, I could love you
It shows in your eyes
That you feel the same way I do.

But wherever I go, my conscience goes
What more can I say
It's only desire, not yet a fire
Let's keep it that way.

'Cause I don't want to have to tell him a lie
When I get back home
'Cause it would tear apart his fairy tale world
If I did him wrong
And lying to him would hurt me more
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Than leaving you this way
So before we forget, we're not cheaters yet,
Let's keep it that way.

Let's finish this wine
'Cause I'm not thinking too clearly tonight
And the touch of your hand
Makes it so hard for me to tell wrong from right.

He waits at home and he's there alone
And though I'd like to stay
Before I give in
Let's call it just friends
And keep it that way...15c:30

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