Behemoth Demigod - 08 - Xul Lyrics

the son ov morn
what made me so divine?
I, transcending ecstasy through ecstasy
I who am eternally defined by my Will

[lead: Seth]

behold I am the spawn ov downcast Ariman
awakened, yet am no longer human
kindle me to Thy rapture
as I descend into Sheol

Hiva! hear my call!
transform my flesh into flame
Hiya! hear my cry!
sustain my being in million-fold forms

[background lead: Nergal]

our creed: the living flesh
our law: trespass all the laws
since NUIT is our refuge
and HADIT becomes our light

[lead: Nergal]

all stirs within
tis chaos in and above me
in the world ov nether-nether
"I" infinite s___e is all-consuming

behold! I am unending!
the conciousness ov "I" shines universally
unbound by wretched dogma
I spew my will forth!
hell is democracy!

[beckground lead: Nergal]

all things exist in me
I believe in naught save myself
my sermon steadfast and proud:
there is nothing but god in me!

all things stir in me
with joy and suffering
my sermon steadfast and proud:
there is nothing but god in me!

[lead: Karl Sanders]

[this peace has a strong Lovecraftian approach to it. the term "XUL" comes from Sumerian, and means "evil". but when you read this backwards it will give you the Latin word "LUX", which is "light". in my code "evil" stands for primal forces, the cosmic beings ov unimaginable powers that influence my life, give it another dimension or different level ov reality. it is so unlimited and hard to be defined or to be labeled but it definitely opens new doors ov perception and make me understand what's hidden behind the wall ov ignorance.]

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