Ultravox The Wild, The Beautiful & The Damned Lyrics

Calling cards of madness
Pull the brass men from their knees
To petrify more images to dangle just outside the reach
Of the stunted and the dreamless ones who have nothing left to keep
For frozen dawns or nights as cold as these have been

Don't ask for explanations
There's nothing left you'd understand
You're one of the wild, the beautiful and the d___ed
The wild, the beautiful and the d___ed

We read the latest venereal journals
Flicked through some catalogues of fear
You tore some more pages from your old lovers hearts
Then we engineered a wild reunion in a Berlin alleyway
While your New York fuehrer (?) tore our universe apart


Break my legs politely
I'll spit my gold teeth out at you
Your sores are almost big enough to step right inside now
I'll send you truckloads of flowers from all the worlds that you stole from me
I'll spin a coin in the madhouse while I watch you drowning


The wild, the beautiful and the d___ed

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