The Wallflowers Baby Bird (hidden track) Lyrics

Come back, baby bird,
with your dirty wings in tatters.
But come home, where you belong,
nobody knows you better.
Now bring back your velvet heart,
and we�ll make you brand new feathers.
Sleep through the morning light,
with your arms around your brother.
Baby bird,
Oh come back home
Baby bird,
You were never really on your own.
Now outside, faces cry,
with the tears of lonesome orphans,
And behind every mask is the face of a mother.
Now wherever you have been,
Wherever you took cover,
And no arms that pulled you in,
could hold you like your mother.
Baby bird,
come back home.
Oh baby bird,
you were never really on your own.
When all my colors fade,
and my wings, they turn to whither.
I�ll know the reasons why,
God let me get older.
When all my days are through,
and I fight these hills no longer,
I�ll lay beneath the stars,
and I�ll watch you flying over.
Baby bird,
oh come back home.
Now, Baby bird,
you were never really on your own.
Baby bird,
now come back home.
Now baby bird,
you will never be all alone.

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