Steve Forbert The Baghdad Dream Lyrics

It's enough to make you scream
What a well mismanaged scheme
Mr. Rumsfeld calls the shots
And we all get what we've got
Oh, the Baghdad dream

It's enough to make you ill
As it goes the way it will
Can you calculate the cost?
What's been gained and what's been lost
Oh, the Baghdad Dream

Would you risk your life to vote in a burka or a coat? Would ya?
Take the traffic off the road so a car bomb don't explode in the...
Is your armor qualified to protect you while you ride down the...
Is there hope in all of this? Can Iraqis co-exist in the...
Is it rotten to the core? Is there nothing else but more of the...
Do we hafta stay and stay? Can we ever get away from the...
Is it freedom we've increased or a madder Middle East? What the...
Mr. Bush can't show remorse, he can only stay the course of his...
Stick a sticker on your car for the soldier off at war in the...
It's a holiday at home as they soldier on and on in the...

What a long November with the leaves all fallen down
What a cold December with the snowflakes on the ground
What a blue, blue Christmas in a decorated town
What a sad, old New Year when your loved one ain't around

Oh, the Baghdad Dream
Oh, the Baghdad Dream
Oh, the Baghdad Dream

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