Mc Ren Mayday On The Front Line Lyrics

"mayday, mayday, we're going down?
n____z screamin' mayday 'cause ren is kickin' a__ like pele
Makin' fools run like it's a relay
But ain't no fools runnin' sprints in shorts
It's just n____z shootin' dice on the basketball courts
Waitin' for the day to get revenge for the days
Of the slave ships, ya got the bloods and the crypts
Unitin' puttin' guns together
To give white people stormy weather
But they can't hide under no umbrella
'cause we be breakin' n____z out the m_________in' jail cella
Fella, so who gives a hell of a about the man
The kk klan
So here we go again scarin' people to death
Knockin' n____z out with the indo on the breath
On the old english because we use f___in' english
So you can understand now who's the man?
It gotta be me, I got the s___ organized
So when you see us comin' don't be actin' surprised

Mayday on the frontline
Mayday, mayday, mayday
Mayday, mayday, mayday

Oh my god, he's been shot in the chest
Yo he's a redneck, huh, throw him with the rest
Of the dead bodies we be buryin'
With 2 million n____z got guns, and carry 'em
Shoot people first and ask questions later
Just like a n____ was a terminator
So n____z know what they oughta do
I won't bring up that rodney king s___, 'cause that's through
Now back to the blue prints, behind the fence
A gang a n____z strapped and it ain't no coincidence
Now it's time for the camouflage
And all the n____z I can fit in back of the dodge
Bound to go to war but this ain't the middle east
We're killin' m_________ers for revenge, f___ peace
So if ya see us, this is what ya do
Grab your s___ and come along, we're killin' cops in blue
Even if the black cops are down wit' 'em
Those sell out m_________ers, yo, we're still gonna get 'em
Because it's mayday on the frontline


Now I gotta play run away slave like a fiend
Because they got me on the tv screen
They said they wanted me dead or alive
'cause I don't talk jive, I try to survive
Tellin' n____z what's the deal on the streets
So they don't get caught up in a gang sweep
They gotta let 'em have it
Shoot 'em in the a__ like a m_________in' rabbit
Because we're losin' altitude
Because they're getting shot down by a n____ with an attitude
Turbulence up ahead, yo
The storms getting thick, 'cause I'm a man with a big a__ d___
Throw a grenade in their program
Let 'em know who I am, a n____ can jam
A little black n____ from the streets, over hip hop beats
With a glare and we're wearin' black sheets
Hope we don't burn s___ in your front yard
We'll beat your a__ down on the boulevard
So a band of s___, grab your parachute
'cause n____z comin' in khaki suits and steel toed boots
Stompin' m_________ers in the way of the process
Or they might get a bullet to the chest
It gotta be me, I got the s___ organized
So when you see me comin' don't be actin' surprised
Mayday on the frontline

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