Reba McEntire; Don Henley Break Each Other's Hearts Again Lyrics

Artist: Reba McEntire
Song: Break Each Others Hearts Again ( Don Henley )
Album: Reba Duets Reba McEntire Sheet Music
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Do you still drank whiskey
Can I buy you around
If nobody's sittin' here
Do you mind if I sit down

I was nervous when I saw you
I almost walked away
And now I can't believe
What I'm about to say

These arms wanna hold you
These lips wanna kiss you
These eyes are glad to see you
Baby I miss you
Let's drive each other crazy
Like we did back then
Why don't we get together
And break each other's hearts again

Maybe I've had one too many
I don't wanna say too much
We both know the reasons
Why we didn't keep in touch
We know good for each other
Still its hard to let it go
I'm trying to be strong
But babe you gotta know


And loving you should be the last thing on my mind
It feel so good to let you hurt me one more time


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