Gospel Gangstaz One Way Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I attack like the locust, I'm the loc-ist
Hit the studio, no hocus-pocus, I'm the dopest
Or the livest my game soread the widest
We the riders underworld soul surviving
Very dangerous if you try this it's no way you can get caught by us
We'll treat you like an outsider grip you like some plyers
Westside G-boy had no love in my fetal stages
Bust gages from a pee-wee to BG to teenage rampages
Outrageous I ain't the one to step to
I'll sting you like a killer bee and swarm like the wu (bzz-bzz)
I can't allow myself to get tricked
Catch the virus get sick gamble life get licked
I'm too sick learned all my game from a chick
Trying to save souls get rich so my dayz is strict
Bind the devil quick, kicked like a bruce lee flick
Feel the wrath from Shaft a first round draft pick

Easily tricked out here
So many people sick out here
Nobody's getting love out
Only one way out here

[Verse 2]
Picture young solo sacked up with the dodo
In a broham 4 door with a nickel plated pearl handle 44
Hustle on the low-low on the run from the po-po
Ear hustling snitches showing picture of my photo
So on the go though hit up the will with my logo
Blue paisley rag over my face kick the door-O
Pen U C dresses up like a hobo
I want the cash flow the berra bonds and the CoCo
If I don't slow my row I'll probably end up on the death row
A hot headed negro catch a right cross and a left blow
Smash a chevy pedal trapped in the ghetto
Till I make a mil and move to beveley hills like I Jethro
Shots echoed I blacked out and saw the Devil
Wile the homiez stood in a group and scooped dirt up on a shovel
Tik sand a mellow while Chille' Baby played the Chello
Repent from sin could thing be the end of S-O-L-O?
I saw a tunnel where Grace flowed like a funnel
I woke up dismantled grabbed my word up off the pannel
My survival manual reading the prophecies in Daniel
I ended up playing "Amazing Grace" on my piano
On my soulder sat a Dove rushing in like a flood
Rips dogs and street thugs- pounds & hugs a vision how life was
And could be should be in the hood
If we show some love


[Verse 3]
I arise from the boon docks consume blocks when my toon knocks
Blow the speaker out ya boom box sipping apple juice on the two rocks
Who rocks like uncut from sun down to sun up
Run up and feel the wrath of a young nut on a come up
My games tight lost focus regain sight wreck a show
Collect dough on the same night it's alright
Needed help and I called Christ
2 G'z for life committee ride we all tight


[Verse 4]
It's the lyrical miracle spiritual invasion raging
Leaving MC's physically critical while I'm trail blazing
Hot as cajun anointing raising when I'm prasing
Grazing through your mind cuss G-hop is so amazing
Reach row spect you ghetto to the fullest
Never let go show me love come on lets pull this
Got too many deing from bullets everyday
No matter what you say it's only one way!


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