Gospel Gangstaz Operation Liquidation Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Trying to make a some millas what can I say to make you feel us
Chasin fazos with my relllas before we bow we make the killas
watch the games played and the mistakes other fools made
How you gona be saved when your hearts pumpin Kool-Aid?
I bet my last dollar you won't get to heaven scared
How you gona wage war when you're a L-7 square?
That's why I look like I'm mad up in service
I'm a rider and that's why I sag when I worship
Now stay focused as these evil dayz approach us
I shine the light of Christ and watch them scatter like roaches
See I'm badder than the dopest I'm a cut above the rest and why settle for less
Be a thug plus blessed
Spot those that turn they back and get to flashing on those busters
Escalde sideways and get to smashing on them suckers

Validated Vindicated Illuminated I know you hate it
We infiltrated Elevated Regulated and y'all can never fade it
This is operation Liquidation no hesitation we paper chasin
Cellebration Salvation While y'all ishatin we ballin nation

[Verse 2]
They say I am better off dead so allegiance was pledged
Took a bite to the bread and took the juice to the head
Found out what it means to be a christian broke away from tradition
Started experiencing life and all the things I was missing
You may not like the way that I mob but show respect
Traditions of man make the Word of God to no effect
Pastor's back biting me and he the one who had all the girls!
See some of you chuch folks as bad as the world!
Distorting definition saying listen he ain't a Christian
Just sitting wishing you could be in my position
And your P.I.-ing don't even move me
Saying you would do me? But truly you'd be quite if you knew me
As a youth I used to drink brews and stay blunted
Now I go to church and pay t__hes with big faced hundreds
And if they want it tell them cowards come and get it when they gain weight
Never ask for what they can't take!


[Verse 3]
So whats the verdict? Cause I don't have time to play
Whats the purpose? Ain't enough time in the day
and it's getting late plus I got moves to make
Then the grooves I create make my hooves escalate
Why be a hatter? I'm just trying to see paper
bless the world ever beats and be at peace with the Maker
And y'all don't like this cause I'm righteous
Wanna see me broke while the world roll the tightest!
You haters the outcome of a hater and a fools the same
But out of love I give you five rules to the game
Code 1 Player never be a Hater
Code 2 Be an innovator not an imitator
Code 3 Game is survival don't be distorting it
Code 4 Never floss on the less fortunate
Code 5 always be prepared to die
cause you never know when it's you time to say goodbye


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