EPMD Who Killed Jane Lyrics



(repeat 4X)

E - Who killed Jane, who killed Jane?
P - Not the Squad kid, I think we've been framed

Verse One:

E - Who killed Jane?
P - Not the Squad yo, we've been framed
The charge
E - Murder one son for the death of Jane
P - Murder?
E - Yeah homicide kid time to take a ride
P - Where?
E - Downtown
P - For what?
E - To check your alibi
P - Must get deep and think quick, bang a set-up
Let met get my coat
E - Alright move slow when you get up
P - PT's in my crib, K9's in the front lawn
First thought's to wild, second thought to stay calm
E - You have the right to remain silent
P - Cool with the roughness, I ain't violent
Reached for his nine mil, partner started smiling
E - Shut up Mulley, turn around and keep your mouth shut
P - Peep the neighbor's starin as he reached for his handcuffs
Threw on the bracers squeeze tight to increase the pain
Thinkin to myself, d___... who killed Jane?


Verse Two:

P - They got me downtown, starin at four walls with one call
Been set-up like a roadblock, can't take a bad fall
E - Sit up straight, state your name and your birthdate
And your whereabouts last night about eight
P - Slow down
E - Slow down?
P - Something's missing, where's my lawyer?
Cop grilled me and said
E - Yo there's your lawyer
Things'll get rough so don't get tough and try to play games
You're headed up North
P - For what?
E - You know homeboy, the death of Jane
P - You must be insane with no brains sniffin cocaine
And if I caught a body it'd be yours and not Jane
E - Or Mr. Toughy, you wish you had a nine to bust me
I'm mad as hell, I don't play, my name ain't Dougie
P - Cop got p___ed, and stepped back, then grabbed his blackjack
Swung for my dome, ducked and caught my d___ back
E - Ooohhhh
P - Couldn't feel the pain
E - Whhhhyyy?
P - Thinkin bout the payback


Verse Three:

P - Now it's person so whassup?
E - Whassup?
P - Whatyou wanna know?
E - Who killed Jane?
P - OK I tell you first I gotta go
E - Where?
P - Check leakage
E - Leakage?
P - Yeah you know the john
E - Take him downstairs and watch him make sure you're armed
P - Cop grabbed me by my neck pushed me towards the d___ door
See my homies, locked down on the same floor
E - So you wanna be a killer and run the streets bro?
P - Didn't respond, just chilled to play his ego
Stepped in the men's room, still filthy from the ill broom
E - Hurry up and take a p___ and stop stallin you d___ goon
P - That was the wrong move, how stupid, time to go for mine
Not glacial time, but the black nine
Gotta clear my name, been framed for the death of Jane
Must make my move now or it's ball and chain


Verse Four:

P - With the iron, started firing, to let him know I'm serious
black, don't play hero cause all youse get is a flag and cap
E - Easy partner, chill put the gun down
P - Oh now you tryin to play me out like Homey the Clown
And you know homey don't play that
E - Play what?


P - See, see?
E - Jim, come back, the mooley shot me...

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