Cam'ron Me & My Boo Lyrics

A-yo Cam
Yo I know you knocked Charli off
No I did not man
Yo stop lying
Word to my mother, I did not hit that man
A-yo I'm your dog duke you can tell me
n____ I would tell you if I did her
Yo I know you hit that , yo how the head?, how the head kid?
Yo I did not touch her, that's like my sister
Yo, stop frontin'
That's like my sister, word to mother
Yo you lying
Whatever man whatever
Yeah, aight

A-yo Charli, what's up wit you and Cam
Nothin' that's my dog

Saying this together
Come on now I know how that n____ roll and he look good
Come on that's like my brother, he probably got a lil' d___
Let me find out

A-yo see we're just alike, call it ironic

But why they don't listen when I say we're platonic

Well you know how n____s talk just for wreck
If my d___ was hard and your c___ was wet

A-yo a-yo Cam watch your mouth, don't disrespect
I remember when your a__ got hit with the Tech

Well I remember that girl tried to slit your neck

And you remember that stank b____ hittin' the deck

Yeah that's when your pretty a__ ate coochie free though

And I took you off canal right down to t__o's

But when the cops pulled us over I had to keep the heat low

But I gave you the money to pay off the repo

A-yo you real funny

Yo you know how we go

Yeah, m_________ing peoples

Uh, without the egos

And I'll do anything for you, even give my last breath
I wish you the best

Man I love you to death

Chorus 1

I don't care what they think about us
I don't care what they say
I don't care if they think that we're f___ing
I only love you this way

Don't care about the way girls thinking you twistin' my back
Bought the chrome almost so you can christen the Ac'
In '91 when you was young and I was dumb and
Robbing n____s splittin' the figgas wit you boo, screw who?
Incest, never dissed a kiss
Shine on your wrist for a birthday gift
n____s like, you must've bent that
She never would've spent that
On Cam'Ron I bought me my first box of tampons
Bleeding in the pants at the school dance
Never took a chance at romance
Although all my friends think ya fly
But me doing that, I think I'd die
We like Thelma and JJ, Brandy and Ray J
Anyone against C and C, pulled a AK
Thinkin' 'bout sucking your d___, had me sick
But if I lost my mind, you'd be the first I'd lick

Chorus 2

I don't care if they try to avoid us
I don't care what they do
I don't care about anything else but
Me and you boo, me and you boo, me and you boo

A-yo I'm sorry yo
But when it come to Charli
I wouldn't hit that, we got back like Atari
How you live mister?
Yo you see me and CB she a wig twister
Call her my big sister
She game heads
Never wear the same threads
I wouldn't hit that if we slept in the same bed
f___ing wit her, yo s___ get sliced
Her wrist is ice
And rappin', the b____ is nice
She told me how girls fool you for the bucks
And I should stay low, cool up in the cut
I told her the difference
A wooler from the blunt
That's how we get down
So cool I call her Cha'
And any girl next to her, just to run her up
That's why y'all run a muck
Thinkin' that I done her up
I thought about it once
When we grew up
But then I saw her naked
And I threw up

Chorus 1 and 2 (2x)

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