Jaqueline Rearmed Lyrics

cash, favours, fat of the land
keep your mouth shut, supply and demand
no one should ever have to say
you're casting shadows in people's way

out of luck
out of line
out of reach
out of mind
out of time

too much knowledge you shouldn't hold
birds told stories they shouldn't have told
all the dirt, all the business you didn't need
stained your hands red for others to see

all guns, dismantled bombs
hidden away
is being rearmed

handsome eyes, safe and sound
you still don't know your time has expired
like a breeze sweeps your skin before the rain sets in
there's a foe at your door but you don't sense a thing

out of time
like a long lost friend
like a note never sent
like a fish in a net
like the past
you are obsolete

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