Destroyer Dangerous Woman Up To A Point, A Lyrics

A Dangerous Woman Up To A Point once said -
"As per your wishes, I left you for dead.
I left England to the English."

Is it always one thing or the other with you?
"Forgive them, my Lord, they know not what they do!"
"Hey, your friends are f___ed, in so far, as your friends are an ancient
beast bronzed in tar!"

Have I told you lately that I love you?
Did I fail to mention there's a sword hanging above you?

"Those who love Zeppelin will soon betray Floyd."
I cast off these couplets in honor of the void.
I was here to stay.
I would weather the storm.
I pictured heaven on earth made of clay as your form dictated...

I went down to the garden with the noblest of intentions.
I felt the need to be brief.
I stuck a rose between my teeth and had a laugh.

The sun sets at the speed of light, so I thought I also might leave this
Port of Woe on tall ships made of snow invading the sun.

A Dangerous Woman Up To A Point once said -
"I've never read 'so-and-so, so why mention him here, in this square
where culprits axe me, my dear.
Tried to enjoy myself at the Society Ball, really I did.
Froze on Union Street, it was springtime, I was just a kid lost in a map
of the stars others called 'your eyes.'
It was a trap!
It was a good time!
It was hard to realize!...

I can't win.
I can't even walk.
Baby, you should talk.
Baby, you should hear what you're saying.
They said - "Don't look back!" but I looked back.
It was a bore.
It was a f___ing horror.
It was - well, honey, you know quite well what you are...

A Dangerous Woman Up To A Point once said -
"People come, and people go, and people lie nameless in the snow..."

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