Divas Secret Rendez-Vous Lyrics

(baby, you know what?
I've been waiting a loooooooong time....)

Late at night when you're all alone (all alone)
Heart would say, pick up the phone (pick up the phone)
But he belongs to someone else
You wanna keep his number for yourself
You keep your feelings deep inside (deep inside)
The kind of love that's so hard to find (so hard to find)
Gotta keep it all for myself
Don't wanna share it with somebody else

Nobody knows what goes on when we are all alone
I know what i feel, it's oh so real

We are secret lovers
Hope no one discovers (no one discovers)
See you every day
Secret hideaway
Just around the way (don't you know....)
Feels so good to me 'cause (...feels so good)
No one's ever seen us
What we have, taboo
A secret rendez-vous

(i'm in love, you feel good to me
Baby don'tcha know i need you
Don'tcha know i need your love so....)

Sneakin' with my baby (come to me baby)
Weekend, don't say maybe (please him day or night)
We throw away the key
It's our fantasy
Only you and me (i know you want me here)
I hope no one discovers
That we are undercover lovers
What we have, taboo
A secret rendez-vous, yeah

(ohh ohh ohh ohh.....)

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