Chayanne Sound-You are my Home (Refugio de Amor) Lyrics

All of my life, I've been searching
For someone to find me
I have been looking
Waiting for your arms, to hold me

You took me, in from the cold
And out of the dark
You have taken me, into your heart

::You are my home
You are the one that I come to
You are the shelter I run to
To keep me safe from the cold
You are my home
You are the love, that completes me
You are the touch, that has freed me
I look in your eyes, and I know
You're my home, You're my home::

You were the light in the window
When I couldn't find my way
You led my heart to, A warm tender place
Here beside you

You're where I always will be
And you're where I belong
I've been looking for you, for so long


And I'll never be alone


You never have to be alone
Be alone, baby, baby, you're my home
Never have to be alone
Never have to be alone, babe
I look in your eyes, Te miro a los ojos
Y me haces sentir, You're my home
You're my home

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