Tonya Mitchell I Dont Want To Fall In Love Lyrics

Who needs to feel that way
Who needs those words to say
Who wants to give their heart
To watch love fade away
Cause I made up my mind
I didn't want to know
Why should I find the love that isn't here to stay
I wasn't waiting
Until you came alone
And now I need you
To tell me where my heart belongs

But I don't want to fall in love
'Till I fall in love with you
And you showed me what my heart already knew
I don't want to fall in love
'Till I know the love is true
'Cause I need
You to feel the way I do
When I give my heart to you

I've seen the tears they cry
When it's time for goodbye
I didn't want to be the one
who's asking why
I didn't think that I would ever feel so strong
But now I know that I was wrong


Now I believe it's worth a chance
To find the love to last
For all my life
Give me a sign
So I
Will always know this love is right
This love is right

Chorus repeated until end

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